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10 Best States for Retirement




Blacktower ranked the 50 states according to their desirability for retirement, based on several criteria that are certain to influence people’s decision. The rankings are an updated version of the firm’s 2019 study.

Researchers calculated the index first by normalizing the data categories individually from 0 to 1 and then summing the results:


Crime: the state with the highest rate of crime (per 100,000) would be weighted closer to 0

Cost of living: the state with the highest cost (on a 100-point scale) is weighted closer to 0

Population 60 and older: lower percentage of population is weighted closer to 0

Property prices: higher property prices are weighted down

Life expectancy: lower expectancy longevity is weighted down

Some states maintained their 2019 positions in the top 10, others fell out and a couple leap-frogged into the elite group. See the gallery above for the 10 best states for retirement.

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Linda Barbara

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