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12 best night oils for mature skin that hydrate, brighten and tackle wrinkles




Although most of us shy away from oil-based products or heaven forbid an oil in its purest form, oils can benefit your skin greatly.

Face oils actually strengthen and protect the natural fat in our skin, which is why if ageing is a concern for you, face oil should be high on your list of skin priorities.

Throw away the misconception that oils equal greasiness that lead to breakouts. In fact, oils actually stabilise and regulate sebum, encouraging a clearer and brighter complexion.

Older skin will especially benefit from introducing a face oil at night, as the skin tends to be thinner, drier and lacklustre as skin ages.

Several of these evening face oils will not only work hard on your skin to ensure you wake up with a luminous glow, no matter how sleep-deprived you may be – or feel, but also create a sense of calm and balance, thanks to their considered scents.

Oils, however, aren’t just an addition to optimise your anti-ageing in your skincare regime, they are an investment for your skin long-term.

As your skin’s natural rhythmic movements are at their best when you grab some shut-eye, this is the perfect time to get an instant hit of hydration that is easily absorbed and reaps its benefits long after you apply your oil.

This added step is luxurious in both the formulas and ingredients, which is almost always reflected in the price. Just remember a little goes a long way and your regular skincare products will work even harder as a result of this new wrinkle-busting addition.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent.

Sunday Riley luna sleeping oil When you’re looking for recommendations for evening skincare that gives results time and time again, you’re bound to find this face oil high on the list. This retinol-infused product works effectively on diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores, with some of our testers claiming they noticed their pores shrinking after just three days of using it. And don’t be put off by its blue appearance, the colour diffuses away when you massage it in, plus it’s fragrance-free. Yes, it’s pricey, but it certainly works. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Sarah Chapman overnight facial night elixir It’s easy to see why this can be found in every skin junkies’ arsenal (including Meghan Markle’s). The blend of delicious-scented essential oils (tuberose, rose, jasmine and frangipani) plus vitamin E, A and C make it a treat for reviving skin, while anti-inflammatory omega oils smooth out lines and creases while you get your forty winks. This is a great choice for tired skin or when your skin needs a pick-me-up before a big event. Consider this your facial in a bottle. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Augustinus Bader the face oil If you’re after more than just an overnight hydration fix, but also a powerful oil that encourages skin to repair and renew, then look no further. This newly launched face oil contains Professor Bader’s patented technology, which uses a blend of amino acids, high-grade vitamins and molecules that synthesise with your own skin. Plus, it’s packed with protective antioxidants which allows the oil to be worn both day and night. Your skin will literally glow from within. It has to be seen to be believed how much a droplet or two will bring life back to your complexion. We’re obsessed! {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Dior Prestige la micro-huile de rose advanced serum Disguised as a serum, but as soon as the clever micro-sized drops burst on contact with your skin, you’ll have an oil to rub into your face. Expect an injection of hydration within seconds and a waft of a gorgeous yet light rose fragrance (an ode to Christian Dior’s favourite flower) that smells incredibly expensive. Think of this as a balance between a serum and an oil, with the best of both worlds united to give mature skin a clarified, hydrated and a visibly tightened effect come morning. Our only criticism is that it feels slightly sticky before it absorbs into your skin, so best to use a small amount and then build up if necessary. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Kiehls midnight recovery concentrate This signature blue bottle has been treating beauty lovers to a good night’s sleep for years. The blend of lavender and evening primrose oils work hard on your skin to reduce fine lines and promote cell regeneration for all-over radiance. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on skin and has a mild comforting scent that sets you into night-time mode with just one whiff. Frankly, its name and reputation speak for itself. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Irene Forte age defying rose face oil Imagine falling head first in a rose bush and being enveloped by the incredible scent, this is exactly how it feels every time you apply this nourishing high-grade rose oil. Completely colourless, lightweight and highly absorbent yet super powerful in its hydrating and smoothing results. The finest and most active ingredients, all natural and organic too, are grown and hand-picked in Sicily ensuring your skin reaps the nourishing benefits. The oil has a serum-like consistency, a little gloopy at times, but it absorbs without having to be too heavy-handed. Although we love the clean and classy packaging, it gives no indication how much product is in the bottle, which can often be very frustrating when you unknowingly have reached the end. If you love the scent of rose, this is as indulgent as it gets. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Kate Somerville dilo oil This offering from A-list favourite skin health expert Kate Somerville, delivers hydrated, plumper skin after just one use. Powered by dilo oil, which is rich in natural essential lipids that work in harmony with the skin’s own lipids, plus a host of omegas and antioxidants that give a nourishing boost to dehydrated skin. It’s a 100 per cent natural formula so it does smell a little herby and strong and it takes about 10 minutes to absorb into your skin, so don’t go putting your head on your pillow too quickly. If you’re not so keen on oily textures, Kate advises adding a few drops to your night cream instead. A solid investment if your top priority is hydration and firmness. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} La Prairie cellular Ice crystal dry oil Once you’ve stopped gawping at the price, this sheer and weightless oil gives a massive hydration burst to skin with no greasy residue whatsoever. A combination of rare and pure oils in the signature Swiss Ice Crystal Complex seals moisture while also protecting ageing skin. The stand out feature is most definitely the consistency which is amazingly thin for a product that is full of nurturing oils, anti-oxidants and plant stem cell extracts. Accelerate the results by pairing this alongside other anti-ageing products. The difference in your complexion and texture of your skin will be unquestionably improved. Nevertheless, this is an eye-watering price for a face oil. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Clarins blue orchid treatment oil Still remaining one of our most loved Clarins products and a founding product of the brand. This formula remains unchanged since its creation in 1954, containing 100 per cent pure plant extracts with musky smelling notes of patchouli. Although the oil can be used both morning and night, we found the consistency slightly too oily for morning use but perfect for night. It lends the skin a dewy look that absorbs really well into the skin, plus you only need one drop for your entire face. Although not exactly budget friendly, compared to its competitors here, this is a bargain buy. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Seed to Skin the midnight miracle cell recovery night oil This Tuscan skincare line doesn’t get half the air time it deserves. Combining plant extracts with advanced science and completely transparent with its ingredients. Their stand-out face oil is packed with multiple rose extracts, hyaluronic acid and vitamins A and E to create an anti-ageing hit that sinks seamlessly into skin, encouraging cell turnover and a noticeably brighter complexion. Plus, the packaging is as luxe as you get from such a natural ethically-sourced brand. This weighty green glass jar will elevate the style stakes of your bathroom shelves in no time. But at a hefty price, we suggest you use this sparingly. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} RMS Kakadu evening beauty elixir Tired, dull and lined complexions will benefit hugely from a dose of this beauty elixir, or beauty sleep in a bottle. Feeding your skin overnight an impressive dose of vitamin C, supercharged botanicals (including the Kakadu plum) and a potent blend of oils, that gives your skin everything it needs to wake up without deep pillow lines and a dull complexion. It doesn’t absorb as well as we had hoped, but it certainly delivered results. Think of this as your secret weapon for glowing skin every morning. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Guerlain orchidee imperiale imperial oil Another astronomically expensive oil, but it makes you feel like royalty as soon it touches your skin. It glides on effortlessly without leaving any grease behind and its kind to sensitive and reactive skin too. Your skin will go to bed feeling nourished and wake up feeling and looking plumper and more hydrated than ever. Though, expect to get a bit of splash back from the applicator (a dropper would work better for an oil of this consistency). The only downside of this product is the price. It would soon become a regular product in our testers’ skin regime’s, if it was more affordable. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} REN anti-wrinkle concentrate oil This is a great all-rounder and the perfect way to introduce a gentle retinol into your evening skincare regime. Full of natural ingredients that literally swipe away signs of stress by the following morning. Our testers also noticed after only a few weeks, their dark spots had lightened while their skin felt super-hydrated (which is unusual as retinol can be very drying). Although you get little change from £50, this is a silky formula that smells pleasant and punches way above its price point. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Votary intense night oil The price tag may be eye-watering, but this night oil from the cult beauty brand Votary does much more than make our bathroom shelves look more attractive. Its formula features avocado oil, tomato seed oil, rosehip oil and retinoid to deliver a gentle yet effective fix to mature skin, making fine lines less obvious come morning. While its delicious floral scent will encourage use, don’t be overzealous with your quantities, it takes a while to sink into skin. You’ve been warned! {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} NeuroSkinFeeds the microoil This may not look very fancy on your bathroom shelf, but this holistic oil is packed with a cocktail of nutritious, botanical and vegan ingredients that rejuvenate skin while simultaneously lifting your mood. Originally created by an addiction counsellor, Tatu Cutillas, who noticed a strong correlation between what you put on your skin and how it makes you feel. Which is exactly how microoil was born. This multi-functional oil balances and restores dehydrated skin while also decompressing stressed minds to encourage both a clear mind and clear skin. Although this isn’t solely used for evening skincare, it’s rather greasy to use in the morning especially if you want your makeup to stay put. We love the concept, but we also love the gorgeous smell and the luminosity it gives to our skin. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}}

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