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5 Behaviors That May Be Hurting Your Retirement




IF YOU’RE LOOKING AT your retirement fund, or you’re not looking at it because you don’t have one yet, you may be wondering what in the heck happened.

Well, you may have happened. Yes, life events can get in the way of saving for retirement; things like illnesses, divorce, putting kids through college or paying for a wedding, not to mention simply paying the mortgage and a slew of other bills are challenge enough. But our own human behavior is also often a factor when it comes to not saving for retirement.

If you’ve just bought a hat and are learning guitar because you’re pretty sure the only remaining way you can fund your retirement is as a street corner musician, you may want to first ask yourself if you’re engaging in any of the following kinds of behaviors. If you fix these habits, perhaps you’ll fix your retirement problem.

Maybe you have trouble thinking ahead? Dawn-Marie Joseph, founder of Estate Planning & Preservation in Williamston, Michigan, says that too many people worry about putting out fires now, instead of planning for the raging inferno down the road.

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Linda Barbara

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