5 Professional Organizations for Financial Planners


ADULTHOOD CAN BE lonely. Even in an industry like financial services where you spend most of your time working one-on-one with clients, it’s easy to miss the camaraderie of your school days, when friendships formed as easily as “trade you my PB&J for your turkey.”

For financial planners, connections with other professionals can be hard to come by. This is where associations for financial professionals come in.

“Professional membership organizations provide financial planners with essential connections to their peers,” says Evelyn Zohlen, national president of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). “They are the foundation of our professional community.”

Zolen first joined FPA back in 2002 after leaving her job at Vanguard.

“I was missing professional camaraderie and thought, ‘There must be an association of financial planners that I can join, folks who will be my tribe,'” she recalls. She joined FPA that October and has been a member ever since.