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7 Best Vanguard Funds for Retirement




Vanguard is practically synonymous with low-cost index investing. Its wide variety of mutual funds, target-date funds and exchange-traded funds, paired with some of the lowest expense ratios among any online brokerage, have helped make Vanguard a household investing name.

“Vanguard provides an array of low-cost and well-managed funds for retirement investors,” says Jay Abolofia, a financial advisor and the founder of Lyon Financial Planning. “Other discount brokers like Fidelity also offer competitive funds, but they often do not have the same track record that their Vanguard equivalents have.

“With so many options, choosing the best Vanguard funds for retirement may seem like a daunting task. ETFs are often a better solution for investors because of their cost- and tax-efficient nature. The good news with Vanguard is that investors can choose from a mix of mutual funds, ETFs and index funds to create a well-rounded retirement strategy. Consider these seven options.

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