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Boat buyers should understand loan rates




Here’s the scene; the boat just plain feels good. You are sitting nose to nose with a dash full of cool-looking gauges, handy toggle switches and some other stuff you know little about, but want for sure.

It feels good, just missing a face full of water, wind in your hair and a box full of just-caught fish.

You’ve shopped to the point of total confusion, read online forums comparisons until your eyes watered and now you’ve just about worn a salesman out answering questions.

This is the one, this is going to be your boat, your baby, your chance to fish with the big boys. Oh yeah. And then you take the first step in actually bringing that dream to reality: “I’ll take it.”

But of course, your salesperson takes the next step by asking, “How are you planning to pay for your fine new boat?”

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Linda Barbara

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