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How to Motivate Young Workers to Save For Retirement




For most young workers, planning for retirement typically isn’t a priority. But as the nation’s fiscal outlook darkens, the likelihood that Congress will scale back Social Security benefits in the coming years only grows. Without early planning, most simply won’t be able to maintain the standard of living they expect in retirement.

Whether you want to educate your young employees about planning for retirement or ensure a secure future for your child, here are four tips to help you reinforce the importance of retirement planning and inspire them to act.

Give Them 3 Irresistible Options

Workers hired straight out of college often are unsure about retirement planning because they are unaware of their options. They don’t know how to start or how much to save. If you help them know their investment options and find the approach that works best for them, they will surely consider the idea of contributing.

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Linda Barbara

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