I want to be A Financial Advisor

A typical day on the job for Rory Cox Stelzer, financial advisor for Edward Jones is anything but typical. There is always something different to do each day. For Stelzer, most of her time is spent in face-to-face meetings with clients to help them prepare for what is important to them.
“One of the aspects of my day includes being out in the community to share with others more about how we can help them achieve their financial goal, being involved in services organizations and planning and conducting education events for our clients and the community,” Stelzer said.
“I work together with my business partner Stacy Hrinko to conduct the daily operations of our practice.”
Stelzer is a financial advisor whose focus is to help individuals and their families in the community by providing personalized investment advice.
The advice she provides them is to help them achieve what she describes as their most important goal in life and she does this by understanding what is important to them.
“I then use an established process to build personalized strategies to help these individuals and families achieve their goals,” Steltzer said. “We will partner together throughout their lives to keep on track toward these goals. I am a steady hand that they can hold in times of market volatility and political uncertainty to reassure them that they are still on track for their goals.”
According to Stelzer, her role as a financial advisor is to help clients with retiring planning with 401k rollovers and Roth IRA strategies.
She notes that she can also help her clients protect against the unexpected such as the longterm care needs or an unexpected passing. She does this with tools such as longterm care and life insurance.

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