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New Year’s Resolutions for Sustainable Investing




Chances are, you are already interested in sustainable investing. You want your investments to consider how the environmental, social, and governance challenges facing public companies today may affect their stock value.

You want your investments to guard against climate risk and perhaps to go even further by helping finance positive solutions to the climate crisis. You want your investments to encourage corporations to create value for all stakeholders and society at large. In short, you want your investments to have a positive environmental and social impact in addition to risk-adjusted financial returns that help you meet your own long-term goals.

You are not alone. According to a Morgan Stanley survey released this year, 85% of investors say they are interested in sustainable investing. Most of them (49%) say they are “very interested” while 36% say they are “somewhat interested.” Natixis and Nuveen reported similar results earlier in the year.

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Linda Barbara

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