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The Fiduciary Group celebrates 50 years




Founded by Lee Butler in 1970 as a one-man firm with essentially no assets, Savannah’s Fiduciary Group has grown from its humble beginnings to a 14-person firm that manages more than $1.1 billion in assets as they celebrate their 50th anniversary this month.

Butler, who was working for a local bank and trust at the time, recognized the need for independence from banks, brokers and financial products, and in deciding to go independent, chose to follow the fiduciary model, which puts client interests first and offers objective financial advice.

“Starting my own business required more than simply replicating what I had done as a bank trust officer,” said Butler, 93, who has since retired from the firm.

“I wanted to adopt what was right about the trust system and to concentrate on offering impartial advice. We developed a special niche in assisting Savannah’s leading families in the management of their finances and the transfer of assets from one generation to the next.”

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Linda Barbara

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