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Best laptop deals in the UK for May 2021: Offers on Dell, Apple MacBooks, HP and more




Laptop on its last legs? You’re not alone. With working from home the norm for many since last year, demand for laptops and PCs has skyrocketed: analysts expect global shipments of laptops and desktops to have broken through 300 million for 2020, a leap of almost 15 per cent on 2019 and the highest amount since 2008.

The risk is that demand will soon outrun supply. On top of households investing in more computing technology – each person will need a laptop or desktop in order to work, after all – shipments to schools and businesses have risen, producing further demand for PC components.

It’s predicted that the global shortage might last until 2022, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some great laptop deals out there if you take the time to look. It all depends on what type of laptop you’re looking for.

Many devices now called laptops used to be called notebooks: a slimline, lighter version of the traditional, clunkier units that used to overheat and leave marks on your legs.

Technology has advanced to the point where these two terms are pretty much interchangeable.

The latest trend in the market is the two-in-one, or foldable, laptop. The device can be used as a traditional laptop, but also folded over or separated to form a touchscreen tablet. The extra versatility has been a huge success, with most major brands now producing multiple examples.

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