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Shop The Trend: Tropical Prints And How To Wear Them




Scrolling through Instagram, it seems like every other person has been on a tropical vacation lately. And even those who haven’t sure are dressing like it.

Summer 2021 style is all about bright colors and tropical patterns featuring palm leaves, hibiscus flowers and other similar motifs. As the many fun dresses, pants and tops with this imagery are showing, this look isn’t just for swimwear or resortwear.

Lately, tropical prints have appeared on red carpets, runways and royal outings.

The tropical print trend fits in perfectly with what the TikTok universe has deemed “coconut girl aesthetic,” an homage to beach culture and movies like “Aquamarine” and “Holiday in the Sun.”

It makes sense people are gravitating toward these retro beachy looks and vibrant colors. As with other recent trends, there’s clearly an impulse to be a little extra and make a statement with our wardrobes after our year of sweatpants. And we’re all looking for a vacation following so much stress, uncertainty and confinement.

Rocking the tropical print look can involve bold dresses with heels or sandals, patterned pants or tops with sneakers, or even simple floral accessory or shoes.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to Tommy Bahama or shell out the big bucks for Versace to embrace the coconut girl look. If you’re looking to try the tropical print trend, we’ve rounded up some fun options below.

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Linda Barbara

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